Learning to fly

You will be able to make your flight at the very first day of learning: it can be a tandem flight with our instructor or even your first solo flight.

But before doing that, you will have to work hard on ground-handling, to get to know about construction of a paraglider and the particularities of Klementyeva Mountain where you will pave your own unique way to the sky.

Paragliding school “SKIF” together with Sergey Rozhko will help you find this way.

How we teach you flying

We conduct theoretical classes in parallel with flying lessons. It allows you to immediately put your new knowledge into practice. A trainee gets more and more experienced under the attentive control of our instructors.

Every trainee should get the basic knowledge and skills which are included into the beginner's course. Then, an individual training program is created for every pilot to match his/her potential, goals and opportunities. Our training system is based on gradual and smooth pilot's progress, a trainee does not start working on the next training element without having successfully mastered the previous one.

But the main thing we teach our trainees is safety of flying. Safety requirements are mandatory throughout all the training course, which has safety as a top priority.

Upon completion of the beginner's course, our school can create an individual training program for every pilot. Our former trainees are eager to continue their learning even participating in Paragliding World Cup.

Where our training is conducted

The beginner's training course is conducted at Klementyeva Mountain: in the morning, 6:00 – 9:00 AM and in the evening 5-00 – 9-00 PM.

We are always happy to see you in our school!

Yours sincerely
Sergey Rozhko
Present to yourself the sky!

You are romantic and you lack of extreme?
You are extremals and you lack of romance?
You dream to see familiar places in a different way?
You need to make an exquisite gift or to celebrate a significant event?
Then paragliding with an instructor in the sky Koktebel is for you!

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