“SKIF paragliding” company

«Skif paragliding» company was founded in 1993 and several dozens of paraglider's models including tandem paragliders have been created since that. The company was founded by Sergey Rozhko who has been working as a designer of our parapgliders since the company's very first days.
You can see “Skif paragliding” wings in the sky of Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Brazil. Our close-knit team of friends is working constantly for you to really enjoy flying our gliders.

Our gliders

Three glider models are manufactured at the moment: Skif, Sarmat 3 and Phaeton (tandem). All our gliders are made of high-quality materials, namely Gelvenor Textyle and Skytex NCV Sport, that makes them longer-life paragliders, reduces the wings' weight, improves its feedback, adapts it to towing due to coefficient of resistance, increased without degradation of the gliders' performance.

Line systems are assembled of the lines made of Superaram, except for brake lines created from Dyneema and Polyester. All our materials pass strict selection procedure, manufacturing process is under thorough quality control as well. Every wing passes thoroughly flight tests before sending to a customer.
I'm doing my best for you to be happy having chosen our gliders. If you have any questions, our pilots and me are always ready to answer.

Yours sincerely
Sergey Rozhko

Present to yourself the sky!

You are romantic and you lack of extreme?
You are extremals and you lack of romance?
You dream to see familiar places in a different way?
You need to make an exquisite gift or to celebrate a significant event?
Then paragliding with an instructor in the sky Koktebel is for you!

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