Tandem flight with an instructorKoktebel

What makes people rise to the sky?

Tandem Flights

Try asking this question to those who's life is a flight, and the sky is neither work nor hobby, but home.

— I think, it's the same that puts a sailor to the sea, - could say the one.

— Why? It's easy. When there is no layer of air between me and the ground, I just can't feel happy, - will say the second one.

And the third one won't be able to find an answer. He just will have to take you to the sky. Try it! You will find your answer and will probably get fond of flying. And you will realize of course, that the reason making people fly is the thing they call “life”. Trust us, you will get a wonderful reward, a new feeling of flying.

At the one of the most beautiful parts of Crimea, Koktebel, at the legendary Klementyeva Mountain, we will help you to find YOUR own answer to the question:

— Why do you need flying? So:

Tandem Flights

Tandem Flights

A tandem flight with an instructor will be an amazing and breath-taking present for those full of adventure and romance. It's an excellent opportunity to fly «like a bird, feeling voice of wind». A tandem flight is the most safe opportunity to rise to the sky and to feel as light as a blow-ball.

We give your a dream to fly – WE GIVE YOU WINGS!

Come to us, call us, fly with us!

Your Pilot,
Sergey Rozhko

Present to yourself the sky!

You are romantic and you lack of extreme?
You are extremals and you lack of romance?
You dream to see familiar places in a different way?
You need to make an exquisite gift or to celebrate a significant event?
Then paragliding with an instructor in the sky Koktebel is for you!

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