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Here you can find a brief information about the history of «SKIF Paragliding» company, a manufacturer of Skif, Sarmat and Phaeton paragliders. We will describe flying sites of south-eastern Crimea and will tell you about flights and gliders in Crimea.

If you already have an idea what paragliding is and want it to become an important part of your life, we invite you to join our “high society” which unites those who once have been attracted by this fascinating recreational activity and sport.

«SKIF» paragliding school will guide you through the joy of flying, you can take lessons to get the basic skills of paragliding. There is a huge fruitful field in front of you to explore and make experiments led by an attentive and experienced instructor.

Upon learning the basic skills, a paragliding pilot has numerous opportunities to choose, including para-alpinism, tandem flights, aerophotography, towing, and powered paragliding.

If you just want to run away from your everyday life and take a dive into new feelings, we are happy to invite you as a passenger to a tandem flight with an instructor. It will change your vision of our world, you will find it changed because you will have it seen from another point.

Anyone can try this flight, there are no restrictions to do it. Open a new page to start the Odyssey that will show you all the three dimensions of life.

Yours sincerely
Sergey Rozhko

Present to yourself the sky!

You are romantic and you lack of extreme?
You are extremals and you lack of romance?
You dream to see familiar places in a different way?
You need to make an exquisite gift or to celebrate a significant event?
Then paragliding with an instructor in the sky Koktebel is for you!

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